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  Caulking Tools that save Caulk and Caulk-like Products
Caulk Saver
  • Our Caulking Tools will help you tremendously with any caulking jobs you might have.  Caulk Savers® are caulk saving tools that extends shelf life and allows you to store these products until you need them again.
  • The revolutionary Caulk Savers® caulking tool was designed to cap, seal or plug leftover tubes of caulk and sealants in order to save these products from drying out. 
  • Caulk Savers® works with any silicones, glues, cement, tar, adhesives such as Liquid Nails, or spray foams that come in a caulk-style tube (including small caulk-style squeeze tubes).
  • The unique design and length of the Caulk Saver® with its Patented Threads, seals and creates a channel into the tube and down into the good portion of the product. When the Caulk Saver® is unscrewed and pulled out, this channel allows the remaining product to easily flow out. If the Caulk Saver® design was any shorter the product could still dry up in the stem of the tube.
  • Caulk Savers® Caulking tools, are now considered Eco Friendly  tools.  Watch Video: KOMO 4 TV segment on Green Tools:

  • After 30 years of using caulk and caulk-like products for home and business, I found:  

    Every time I used caulk or caulk-like products, I needed to find some type of tool  to puncture the caulk membrane. When there was caulk leftover, I needed to find something to cap or plug it in order to use the caulk again. This might a  be a piece of wire, a nail, screw, dowel, or some similar device.

    Unfortunately, when I went back to use the caulk, it  had usually hardened. No matter what devise I used to seal, cap or plug the caulk with, it had gotten hard. Impossible, to pull out of the neck (stem). Many times I ended up throwing the tube away and wasting the leftover caulk or product. This caulking tool is, a caulk saver and a "tool" for saving caulk and caulk-like Products.

    The Secret to Caulk Longevity :
  • 1st Secret
    The Caulk Savers Patented Threads cut into the inside of the stem of the tube creating female threads. When the Caulk Saver is screwed down about three or four times it seats and will not allow any air to get into the tube of product. Now the tube is sealed from the inside-out, not like the other items that try to seal the tube from the outside-in. Outside-in allows air into the stem causing the product to dry out.
  • 2nd Secret
    The Secret to Caulk Longevity is the Length of the Caulk Saver, which creates a channel/passage to allow the product to flow out easily.  If it was any shorter the product could still dry up in the stem of the tube. Proven through 8 months of professional testing.
  • The Length of the Caulk Saver and the Patented Threads are the key.

Caulk Savers work in Spray Foam Canisters as well!

They seal the straw so the gases and foam stay fresh inside the canister until your next use.  By sealing off the gases from leaking out it keeps the foam fresh and the pressure contained in the can.


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